Saturday, November 15, 2008

On Surfari

On Surfari is a show on Fuel TV produced by Shayne and Shannon McIntyre following their travels to surf destinations around the world. Originaly just the two of them has progressed into four of them, adding their son Banyan, and just recently their daughter Coral. Its a fun, inspiring show that really shows you that you'd don't have to stop traveling when children come along. Of course not all of us get paid to surf, so world travel might be a bit, but that trip to the beach or the mountains is every bit as possible as it was before children come into you lives.

The show invariably has more than just surfing, but an in-depth look into the culture of all the locations they vist. They also make every effort to be involved in local charities, whether fighting malaria in Indonesia, or visiting orphans in Mexico.

Its been an inspiration to me, wanting my son, and eventually more children to grow up experiencing everything the world has to offer.

You can visit On Surfari's web site at