Tuesday, January 20, 2009

8 Grand for a Skateboard?

Originally seen at Wend Blog.

.....For a mere $8,250 you can be the proud owner of one of three original LV skateboards complete with case.

The three limited edition boards are currently for sale at a store in Soho, and proceeds will go to Free Arts NYC. Even if you did have loads of cash, would you really want to be caught at the skate park on a Louis Vuitton board?

I'm a firm believer in having quality equipment, but if my son asked for something like this, I think I'd just get him a Wal-mart board to teach him a lesson. Am I a mean dad? If that's a mean dad then absolutely! Is this thing even good wood? I'd love to find out its cheap Chinese maple.

I'm trying to thing of some poignant blurb to connect this to the excesses of consumer pop culture but I'm tired so never mind...