Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009

Happy 2009. Hope everyone has a great new year! I've got a lot of fun ahead of me as Levi goes into his first new year. Crawling, walking, running, falling, talking. One thing I realized this morning is that I have a lot of years of fun ahead of me!

One thing about life that is not fun is predictability and stagnation. With Levi, I'm pretty much guaranteed to not have either of those for quite some time. He's doing or learning something new on pretty much a daily basis. He smiles constantly, but the other day he laughed for the first time. He's helping pull himself upright and holding his head steady, which is no small feat as he has a huge melon!

Parenthood is fun (for all you parents of teenagers, let me have my fun before bursting my bubble about fun parenting!)