Friday, February 13, 2009

Me an' Mah Boy

This is at Roblar Winery from our recent trip to the Santa Ynez Valley. I've never been to a winery before so it was a pretty fun experience. I took a ton of pictures, (I'd post them up but my photoshop doesn't support RAW files).

It would seem funny to me even if someone else said it, but ever since I saw the remake of "The Parent Trap", the one with Lindsay Lohan before she went weird, I've thought it would be great to work on a vineyard. You live on a beautiful setting, you spent a lot of time outdoors, and you're able to be a craftsman/artist in what you do every day. Seems like a good life to me. I'm sure there's drawbacks, and a lot more work than I understand also.

So now, I'm torn, when I'm able to go off the grid, to I start a small coffee plantation in Hawaii? Or do I go North and grow grapes......?