Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Settling Down

As you can see if you've checked this blog regularly, I haven't been doing much posting lately. Between work and family its been tough to get anything in edgewise. The downside of commissioned sales is that when business is slower, you put in more hours for less reward. At least the spending time with family part more time means more reward, I just wish I had more time there.

Luckily for me, the surf hasn't been much to get happy about anyways. The issue I run into is I'm one of those people who needs to surf regularly to keep my edge. I don't forget how to surf, but paddling is a whole other story! To keep a little bit of an edge I started doing yoga in the mornings a couple years ago. Doing it regularly makes a big difference when I do get out in the water. It doesn't help the cardio side at all, but as far as how fast my muscles wear out, and what they feel like afterwards it makes a world of difference.

Hopefully when things settle down a little bit I'll be able to get out in the water more. having a new baby shakes things up and I think they're just now really starting to settle back down to normal.