Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wild Animal Park

A little while ago we went to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. I've been to plenty of zoos, but the wild animal park is something much more enjoyable and instructive than merely animals in cages.

Levi ready to rock

We went with my brother and his family. He has a 4 and 2 year-old so they were really entranced by the animals. I'm really looking forward to when Levi is old enough to really get into whats going on around him. As it is he's an observant little guy. You can see it in his eyes and his mannerisms when we're out. He's really quite, and just looks everywhere, and you can see that he's just soaking everything in.

He was fascinated by the Lorikeets

A great place for the family

If you go, make sure to take the entire day and pace yourself. Its a lot of walking and if you have a set nap time, you will run into it for all you parents of small kids. Luckily for us Levi is still small enough that nap time can occur wherever we happen to be.

And..... out.

I've been to several such places and it is not only a lot of fun but the park does a lot of work restoring endangered species to the wild. Another great bit of info is that they don't run off any government funding, and are solely supported by the people that visit. If you live in Southern California, go visit!