Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Taken from the National Fatherhood Initiative, remember, this holiday is not about barbecuing and the start of summer. Its about remembering all those who have fought and died in the name of freedom so we can live in this great nation, the freest country the world has ever known. We need to pass this on to our children.

Use your day off to teach your kids these important values as you celebrate Memorial Day. Tim Red, our Director of Military Programming and a former service member, has some great ideas for teaching your children life lessons around Memorial Day.

Teach Sacrifice and Service. Don't just talk about it - get out there and serve! Put a care package together with your children, or make cards for service members. You can even sign up to welcome troops home from deployment. For more ideas and opportunities, visit United Service Organizations (USO).

Talk with a service member. If there is a family member who has served our country, have your children visit with him/her to hear his/her stories. You can also visit service members in your community, via your local VFW or American Legion, to hear their stories. They'll love the captive audience and will appreciate an in-person thank you.

Attend a community event, parade, or memorial. Most communities have a Memorial Day parade, an event to salute local service members, or a memorial you can visit. Take your kids to these events and memorials - it's a great way to spark conversation and talk to them about courage, sacrifice, and freedom. You can find a listing of special services in your community here.

Fly the American flag. Buy an American flag and fly it outside of your home during Memorial Day weekend.

While you're enjoying your long weekend, remember our service members and teach your kids the importance of their service, as well as values like courage and sacrifice. Don't miss this great opportunity to teach important life lessons!


Dad & Mom Maynor May 28, 2009 at 5:11 PM  

Gratitude is a great character trait! Way to go Big D. Dad

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