Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big Bear Trip

Here are a few pictures of the family trip to Big bear last week. We found, through my mother-in-law's remembering of an old childhood spot her family went to past Big Bear, one of the most beautiful spots I've been in a while. There's a waterfall, just a 1-hour drive away, where we can hike up a canyon with a waterfall flowing down through pools, streams, and even a very small cave. With sunlight filtering down through a leafy canopy, I felt like a kid again climbing up boulders and wading through the pools scattered up the canyons slopes.

Levi was as usual wide-eyed in amazement. The water was a bit cold for his taste, but he loves riding on my shoulders so he got some good hiking in!

My camera battery is working on an occasional basis, so all of the pictures we got were with my cell-phone camera, so the quality isn't that great.