Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I managed to get out in the water this last Sunday, first time this month but was still able to get some great rides on the slightly fading swell from earlier in the weekend. I was shocked I even managed to catch a wave on a quick turn-one stroke paddle! I haven't done that in a while. It was a perfect day for me to be out after a long dry spell.

You can see I'm still only posting periodically. We're still winding down from the insane summer, and things with a one-year-old are in constant flux, so getting down to a routine is hard.

For all you parents of young children, I can see now the importance of setting a routine early. Set a schedule for naps, eating etc, and then you'll be able to plan accordingly. We have a good schedule going now, but it took us a while to see the importance but we're getting it down now. I'm just looking forward to an empty calender, time with just the family, and crisp mornings with slight offshores and empty(er) line-ups.

Picture from J-Dub