Sunday, December 7, 2008

Contribute to DDD

As I'm sure you can see I'm not exactly posting on a daily basis. I can use all the dads out there's help in this project, as I can only experience so much with a newborn. Any dads who have the same goals for raising their children, or if you just had a great experience with your son or daughter fitting the purpose of this site, please share.

These submissions include but are not limited to...

Personal stories/experiences
Found articles or editorials worth sharing
Photos and Videos
Tricks and Tips on either being a dad or outdoors
Equipment reviews and testimonials

Outdoors to Dirtbag Dad Diaries means....

Trail Running

If you have a story but question if its fitting the theme of this site, please shoot me an email.

Why do you limit the outdoors activities covered on DDD?

I limit the interpretation on "outdoors" and "exploration" based on the human experience provided by activities. All the activities I have listed are "human-powered" ie: no motorized equipment, and all are non-team sports. I'm not trying to discriminate against football or basketball etc, I love those sports. The purpose of DDD is fathers to actively raise their children with an understanding of the world around us that can't be experience with organized sporting activities held in specific venues.

Any contributions or questions can be sent to