Wednesday, March 11, 2009

180 Degrees South -Trailer

I can't even put into words how much I'm looking forward to this film. Judging from the trailer, and previous Woodshed Films productions, this is going to be a huge hit with me and everyone that experiences it. Shelter was and is my favorite surf movie, and 180 South really seems to capture the spirit that makes me tick. I may not have had these levels of adventures, but its something I aspire to experience and to help my son experience as well. I'll be sure to put up a full review after I'm able to see the entire film.


Anonymous December 10, 2009 at 6:12 PM  

I feel the same way. Do you know when the movie is schedule to be released??

Anonymous February 11, 2010 at 8:38 AM  

I just saw the movie last night - the World Premier. Wow! It was beautiful, inspiring, exciting, and entertaining.